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"labelling" links to inaccessible PDFs, blackend content?


From: Joachim Lindenberg
Date: Jun 24, 2022 7:19AM


and also thanks for the WebAIM WAVE tool that I started using today to improve accessibility of some of my web pages.

I am struggling with two issues right now, mix of lack of understanding and tool knowledge..

1. Links to PDFs. Most of the PDFs are also not accessible and some of them likely will never be. I am now adding an icon after PDF links and aria-label “link to PDF, not accessible” (actually in German). Not sure this use of aria-label is adequate. Can someone share insights please? Also the WAVE tool does complain despite these additions, is there a way to suppress the warning?
2. I do have some HTML pages that display email conversations but for privacy reasons names and addresses etc. are blackened. The HTML markup looks like <span style="background-color:black;color:black;">********</span>. WAVE complains about low contrast. Sure! Again, I can add aria-label or the like if that is acceptable. And again, can one stop WAVE to complain?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions or insights.