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Re: "labelling" links to inaccessible PDFs, blackend content?


From: Erick Wilder
Date: Jun 24, 2022 7:46AM

Hello Joachim,

I don’t have experience about the pdf ideia you raised however I may chip
in the web page validation issue

The way I see is that the asterisks in the web page added inside the span
tag are unnecessary and I assume they’re mostly there to keep help with
styling with CSS(?). My recommendation here would be to use a relevant
content instead. That content should be visually hidden and avoid changing
the text color to black.


<span class=“redacted-text”><span class=“visually-hidden”>Redacted

CSS for redacted text should focus on creating a black box considering that
text color should still be accessible

The visually hidden class will ensure nothing is shown in the UI, making
the use of background and colour as black unnecessarily

Note: I’m no copywriter and the actual text need to be validated with users
of assistive technologies if possible (I.e. maybe using “redacted email”,
“redacted address” instead of a generic text)

On Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 15:21, Joachim Lindenberg < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Hello,
> and also thanks for the WebAIM WAVE tool that I started using today to
> improve accessibility of some of my web pages.
> I am struggling with two issues right now, mix of lack of understanding
> and tool knowledge..
> 1. Links to PDFs. Most of the PDFs are also not accessible and some
> of them likely will never be. I am now adding an icon after PDF links and
> aria-label “link to PDF, not accessible” (actually in German). Not sure
> this use of aria-label is adequate. Can someone share insights please? Also
> the WAVE tool does complain despite these additions, is there a way to
> suppress the warning?
> 2. I do have some HTML pages that display email conversations but for
> privacy reasons names and addresses etc. are blackened. The HTML markup
> looks like <span
> style="background-color:black;color:black;">********</span>. WAVE complains
> about low contrast. Sure! Again, I can add aria-label or the like if that
> is acceptable. And again, can one stop WAVE to complain?
> Thanks a lot for any suggestions or insights.
> Joachim
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