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Re: PDF column tag


From: Moiz Yamani
Date: Jul 25, 2022 2:59AM

Here are my views:

In a columnar layout, all the content of column 1 should be read first followed by the content of column 2. To achieve this, we need to tag the content using standard paragraph, heading, list etc. tags based on the content. There is no column tag available in PDF.

A screen reader will read the content of 1 cell at a time from left to right - top to bottom. So, tagging the columnar content using table tags is not a good option. If table tags can't be removed, then the table should comprise of 1 row so all of the content of column 1 will be read out first followed by content of column 2. Limitation with this approach is that screen reader users will have to unnecessarily go through layout table.

Thanks and Best,

Moiz Yamani | Digital Marketing Executive

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