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Outlook emails - alt text not announced using NVDA


From: Christine Hogenkamp
Date: Aug 22, 2022 9:20AM

Hello everyone,

I was recently testing some emails using NVDA, I had sent them to a test
laptop I use that runs Outlook for Microsoft 365 and I noticed that NVDA
would announce "Graphic" but then not announce the alt text, despite the
alt text being present.

I thought it was maybe an issue of the fancy HTML formatting our emails
tend to use, so I created a simple test email in Outlook where I just
placed an image then set the alt text using the option in the email editor.
This test had the same result: NVDA announces "Graphic" but nothing else.

Is this a bug in NVDA related to Outlook? Or some setting I need to set in
Outlook or NVDA?
I've been Googling around without finding any clear answers, either if
there's a better way to set the alt text to make it Outlook-compatible or
whether to just ignore it as a bug that nothing can be done about.

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