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Re: Outlook emails - alt text not announced using NVDA


From: Steve Green
Date: Aug 24, 2022 1:34AM

I am using NVDA 2021.2 with Outlook 365 and it is reading the "alt" text for images in emails. The NVDA settings are all the default settings. You are welcome to send me your test email to see if I can read the "alt" text in it.

Steve Green
Managing Director
Test Partners Ltd

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Sent: 22 August 2022 16:20
Subject: [WebAIM] Outlook emails - alt text not announced using NVDA

Hello everyone,

I was recently testing some emails using NVDA, I had sent them to a test laptop I use that runs Outlook for Microsoft 365 and I noticed that NVDA would announce "Graphic" but then not announce the alt text, despite the alt text being present.

I thought it was maybe an issue of the fancy HTML formatting our emails tend to use, so I created a simple test email in Outlook where I just placed an image then set the alt text using the option in the email editor.
This test had the same result: NVDA announces "Graphic" but nothing else.

Is this a bug in NVDA related to Outlook? Or some setting I need to set in Outlook or NVDA?
I've been Googling around without finding any clear answers, either if there's a better way to set the alt text to make it Outlook-compatible or whether to just ignore it as a bug that nothing can be done about.

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