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Re: Computing a textbox's accessible name when its label is hidden using display:none


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Sep 2, 2022 6:57PM

I'm not sure why the other tools you mentioned are not reporting the correct behavior, but the Chrome Developer tool is correct. There is no accessible name.

You can verify this here

E.G. Copy and paste the following.

<label hidden for="test">Something Hidden</label>
<input id="test" placeholder="Whatever">

In this case there is no correct accessible name, though the placeholder is a fallback and reported as the name to ensure accessibility at the barest minimum.

However, if you do the following instead:

<label id="lbl" hidden for="test">Something Hidden</label>
<input aria-labelledby="lbl" id="test" placeholder="Whatever">

Then the accessible name is "Something Hidden"

The reason being is that only aria-labelledby and aria-describedby are allowed to reference hidden content according to the accessible name computation.

All the best,

Bryan Garaventa
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Subject: [WebAIM] Computing a textbox's accessible name when its label is hidden using display:none

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I have a textbox that has a correctly associated text label, but the label is hidden using "display:none". The textbox also has placeholder text. I am trying to compute the accessible name to understand why Chrome developer tools say the textbox does not have an accessible name, but Axe, SortSite and ARC Toolkit do not report an error.

I have built a minimal test page at http://tpl1.com/sg/form-label.htm. Can anyone confirm my view that Chrome is probably getting it wrong? I find it difficult to believe that three different tool vendors would all make the same mistake.

I am using the Accessible Name Computation at https://w3c.github.io/html-aam/#input-type-text-input-type-password-input-type-number-input-type-search-input-type-tel-input-type-email-input-type-url-and-textarea-element-accessible-name-computation

Step 2 of the computation says "Otherwise use the associated label element's accessible name", and I believe that this is where the problem lies. Chrome developer tools show the label element's accessible name as being null rather than non-existent. The null value overrides the placeholder value, so Chrome reports that the accessible name is null.

I can't see what the tools are doing, but I suspect that they do not consider there to be a label element at all, because of the "display:none". Therefore they are using the placeholder text in their computation, so they do not report a fault.

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