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Re: How to make project progress table in Word document accessible?


From: Laura Roberts
Date: Sep 15, 2022 3:07PM

It sounds like the table creator basically merged a bar chart plus multiple
tables into one table. You can try to convince them to create a separate
bar chart and simple tables, but I've often found that clients can be
stubborn about this. (Again, it's very hard to give advice without seeing

As a last resort, you can write alt text for the entire table. Although
that's a FAR from ideal user experience, it's better than nothing.

If the document was a pdf, it would be easier to solve, but you would need
someone experienced in pdf remediation.

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022, 8:36 AM Jim Homme < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> Hi,
> Without understanding what the tables convey, if you are forced into
> keeping MS Word format, simple tables are the best way to make this content
> accessible. Screen readers and Word play together badly in Word with
> complex tables. If you are able to make HTML documents, I feel this is the
> best way to go, because you can have control over how screen readers handle
> complex tables. PDF is another way to go, but you will spend a lot of time
> manually tagging table relationships.
> As for the graphical indications, you will need alt text to convey what
> the visuals mean.
> Thanks.
> Jim H
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> Subject: [WebAIM] How to make project progress table in Word document
> accessible?
> Hi,
> I've have been asked to look at a Word document that contains a table
> showing the progress of construction project.
> There are dates across the top and coloured bars running horizontally
> along the table rows - showing progress. The rows represent particular
> aspects of the construction.
> Does anyone have any advice for making this table accessible to screen
> readers users?
> Some of the table cells contain merged sub-cells to give fine-tuned length
> to the bars. I looks like each cell is sub-divided into 4 sub-cells.
> It's a complex table. Is the answer that there is no way to make this
> table accessible? I.e. they should write an alternative text description of
> what is presented in the table?
> Thanks,
> Jim
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