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Re: How to make project progress table in Word documentaccessible?


From: Jim Homme
Date: Sep 15, 2022 6:35AM

Without understanding what the tables convey, if you are forced into keeping MS Word format, simple tables are the best way to make this content accessible. Screen readers and Word play together badly in Word with complex tables. If you are able to make HTML documents, I feel this is the best way to go, because you can have control over how screen readers handle complex tables. PDF is another way to go, but you will spend a lot of time manually tagging table relationships.

As for the graphical indications, you will need alt text to convey what the visuals mean.


Jim H

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I've have been asked to look at a Word document that contains a table showing the progress of construction project.

There are dates across the top and coloured bars running horizontally along the table rows - showing progress. The rows represent particular aspects of the construction.

Does anyone have any advice for making this table accessible to screen readers users?

Some of the table cells contain merged sub-cells to give fine-tuned length to the bars. I looks like each cell is sub-divided into 4 sub-cells.

It's a complex table. Is the answer that there is no way to make this table accessible? I.e. they should write an alternative text description of what is presented in the table?