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Re: Links open in new tab / window


From: wolfgang.berndorfer@zweiterblick.at
Date: Oct 4, 2022 2:23AM

„changes of context“ are defined with the following note:
“Opening a new window … are examples of changes of context.”

So, target="_blank" should be a AAA violation according to SC 3.2.5 Change on Request, if there is no indication on screen (visual clue) and for SR (text clue) for the mechanism.


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If a link opens in a new window and there isn't a visual clue that it will do so, then there isn't a WCAG requirement to specify it. It's generally a good UX practice to do so but it's not strictly required.

NVDA will say clickable if the element (or a parent or other ancestor
element) has a mouse click event handler. It's a clue to the screen reader user that the element is probably missing an appropriate role but is still interactive. It's not always an automatic failure but there's a good chance it's a problem. You'll have to inspect the code.