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Re: Accessibility, Flash and wmode


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Jul 26, 2004 8:49AM

On 7/26/04 8:08 AM, "andrew_kirkpatrick" simply typed the following:

> WMODE="transparent" makes flash invisible to screen readers. Whether the
> setting is transparent or opaque, the result is the same.

Ahhhhh... Really? Thank you so much. Weird thing... I've also found that is
the same issue when you want Flash to stay BEHIND a DHTML layer (menu
system)... Macromedia's technote says that you make the wmode transparent,
but opaque seems to work as well.

And WebAIM says to make the Flash invisible you use opaque, but transparent
works as well...

I was up working on this till 4am. Not much documentation I could
find. Thanks for your input Andrew... I'm beginning to wonder if there's a
glitch in Flash since opaque shouldn't do what it's doing (according to
> Screen readers have been getting much better at suppressing this type of
> refreshing. You may be able to change the settings on the screen reader to
> allow more frequent activeX refreshes and recreate the bad effect.

Yes... They're so good at it I couldn't make the new ones choke when I
tried. ;)

Stephanie Sullivan

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