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Re: Accessibility, Flash and wmode


From: design
Date: Aug 1, 2004 6:09PM

On 7/26/04 10:51 AM, "design" simply typed the following:

> I was up working on this till 4am. <sigh /> Not much documentation I could
> find. Thanks for your input Andrew... I'm beginning to wonder if there's a
> glitch in Flash since opaque shouldn't do what it's doing (according to
> MM)...

Hi guys... Just thought I'd give you the ending to this saga in case anyone
ever needs this info. ;) The free article I was writing is completed and
available here:


It's more about DHTML Menus, but shows how the same technique hides
non-essential Flash from screen readers.

Mainly though, since I ended up talking to the Macromedia Flash guys to get
clarification, I thought it might be interesting to some who simply have
wondered how Flash works, why it can have issues and ways around those.

Stephanie Sullivan

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