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Re: Accordion on iOS


From: allyssa jessicon
Date: Nov 16, 2022 4:23AM

Hello Priti,

I am wondering how could this fail WCAG 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value as the
OS itself does not support the expanded state announcement, Isn't this
more of a user agent bug/limitation?

On 11/10/22, Priti Rohra < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi Allyssa,
> In Files>Browse> Location, Favorites, Tags ... VoiceOver announces
> "Location button heading collapsed, double tap to expand". However,
> when I double-tap it expands the items below but the change in state
> "expanded" is not announced by VoiceOver.
> I am using iPhone 10 with iOS 15.5.
> Yes this is certainly a WCAG failure as per sc 4.1.2 at Level A.
> I have not come across similar implementation on another native app
> so can't comment about that.
> Always BPositive!
> Priti Rohra
> On 11/10/22, allyssa jessicon < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Below is a confusion I have for years, It seems that VoiceOver on an
>> iOS does not announce expanded state. Go to Files -> Browse and try
>> expanding any of the elements such as Location, Fav, Tags etc. with
>> VoiceOver turned on and I could hear my screen reader does not
>> announce the expanded state. Is this same for other apps as well? I am
>> talking on the ground of native apps not the web UI to be specific and
>> if it does support, not announcing the expanded and or collapsed state
>> would fail WCAG?
>> Regards,
>> Allyssa.
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