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Re: Accordion on iOS


From: Priti Rohra
Date: Dec 5, 2022 7:57AM

Hi Alisa,

Here the expanded state in the Files native app is announced by VO on
iPhone 10/iOS 15 as mentioned earlier. However, the state is not
announced correctly, i.e. when in collapsed state VO continues to
announce the state as expanded.
You can checkout the native Microsoft Teams app and see the Team's
expanded/collapsed state is announced perfectly. Considering this, I
had mentioned that the example in question will be a WCAG failure as
per 4.1.2 at Level A.

Hope this helps.

Always BPositive!
Priti Rohra

On 11/16/22, allyssa jessicon < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hello Priti,
> I am wondering how could this fail WCAG 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value as the
> OS itself does not support the expanded state announcement, Isn't this
> more of a user agent bug/limitation?
> On 11/10/22, Priti Rohra < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Hi Allyssa,
>> In Files>Browse> Location, Favorites, Tags ... VoiceOver announces
>> "Location button heading collapsed, double tap to expand". However,
>> when I double-tap it expands the items below but the change in state
>> "expanded" is not announced by VoiceOver.
>> I am using iPhone 10 with iOS 15.5.
>> Yes this is certainly a WCAG failure as per sc 4.1.2 at Level A.
>> I have not come across similar implementation on another native app
>> so can't comment about that.
>> Always BPositive!
>> Priti Rohra
>> On 11/10/22, allyssa jessicon < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> Below is a confusion I have for years, It seems that VoiceOver on an
>>> iOS does not announce expanded state. Go to Files -> Browse and try
>>> expanding any of the elements such as Location, Fav, Tags etc. with
>>> VoiceOver turned on and I could hear my screen reader does not
>>> announce the expanded state. Is this same for other apps as well? I am
>>> talking on the ground of native apps not the web UI to be specific and
>>> if it does support, not announcing the expanded and or collapsed state
>>> would fail WCAG?
>>> Regards,
>>> Allyssa.
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