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Chat GPT writes WCAG guidelines in the style of William Shakespeare


From: Sandy Feldman
Date: Jan 31, 2023 6:15PM

I asked: Write wcag guidelines in the style of Shakespeare

Oh, gentle folk, let these be guidelines for thee
To make the web accessible for all to see
For those with sight, sound, and motor impairments
Let thy website with grace and ease be adorned

First, ensure the text is plain and clear
That all may read, without any fear
Provide alternatives for audio and visual cues
For those who have difficulties, may it be a boon

Next, make sure the layout is simple and neat
With colors that have sufficient contrast and heat
And let the user have control over the font size
So that the reading experience is not a trial

Ensure that thy navigation is easily understood
And the pages can be found with links that are good
And provide means to bypass blocks of content
So that users can reach their goal, without lament

In thy content, use descriptive headings and labels
And provide text transcriptions for any audio or fables
And let the user control the time of any animations
So that they may not cause frustration or vexations

Oh, and let the content be accessible by keyboard
For those who cannot use a mouse, that be not absurd
And avoid any content that may cause seizures
So that all may enjoy thy website, with pleasure and ease

These be the guidelines, for all to follow
To make the web accessible for one and for all-o
For those with disabilities, let thy website be kind
And provide access to all, of every shape and every mind.