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Re: Chat GPT writes WCAG guidelines in the style of William Shakespeare


From: Uniquely Abled
Date: Jan 31, 2023 6:26PM

That's how he would write it.
What's the website.

On 1/31/23, Sandy Feldman < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> I asked: Write wcag guidelines in the style of Shakespeare
> Oh, gentle folk, let these be guidelines for thee
> To make the web accessible for all to see
> For those with sight, sound, and motor impairments
> Let thy website with grace and ease be adorned
> First, ensure the text is plain and clear
> That all may read, without any fear
> Provide alternatives for audio and visual cues
> For those who have difficulties, may it be a boon
> Next, make sure the layout is simple and neat
> With colors that have sufficient contrast and heat
> And let the user have control over the font size
> So that the reading experience is not a trial
> Ensure that thy navigation is easily understood
> And the pages can be found with links that are good
> And provide means to bypass blocks of content
> So that users can reach their goal, without lament
> In thy content, use descriptive headings and labels
> And provide text transcriptions for any audio or fables
> And let the user control the time of any animations
> So that they may not cause frustration or vexations
> Oh, and let the content be accessible by keyboard
> For those who cannot use a mouse, that be not absurd
> And avoid any content that may cause seizures
> So that all may enjoy thy website, with pleasure and ease
> These be the guidelines, for all to follow
> To make the web accessible for one and for all-o
> For those with disabilities, let thy website be kind
> And provide access to all, of every shape and every mind.
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