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Re: Forms - 1 label for 2 selects?


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Aug 5, 2004 8:55AM

> Hi,
> I have the form below which I want to be accessible. I have added labels
> so that users know which label relates to which input field, but can I
> have one label for two inputs, as I have done below for "Expiry Date"? I
> don't really want to put Expiry Month and then Expiry Year.

Best option would be to use one text field for that so that the user can
enter the data, and you verify it on the backend, much like

Expiry Date (MM/YY)

Otherwise, a taborder can help users.

On another note, if you use a table, then also use TH and TD with scope or
headers/id pairs. Not much use to add a summary and then not use the other
enhancing tags and attributes.

Chris Heilmann
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