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Re: LIFT Transcoder being pimped


From: Ineke van der Maat
Date: Aug 5, 2004 9:22AM

Hello John,

>What we do is, create a site that has >text only versioning but also
the site
>is accessible without the text-only. XML >and XSL are great for this.

http://www.dresden.de has also an only-textversion, but when you compare
both versions side by side, you can notice very clearly that in the
only-text version two important links are missing:
stadsentwicklung und umwelt;
suche und service.

In other sites I saw that some links had different names in both
versions and all text-versions were missing some pieces of text, also
information that is available in the usual version.

For me a good reason to object a text-only version for a whole site.

And why is a text-version needed when the whole site is accessible? That
requires more work for maintaining than needed.. and also unneeded
costs..And the risk that after some time 2 not-equivalent versions will
exist as mentioned earlier in this mail

Ineke van der Maat