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Re: Forms - 1 label for 2 selects?


From: Joelle Tegwen
Date: Aug 6, 2004 7:50AM

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From: tim.beadle [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]

This must be one of the few times where usability and accessibility are
in conflict with eachother. If you read &quot;Defensive Design for the Web&quot;
by 37 Signals, they actually recommend using drop-downs for
date-selection, for the simple reason that it restricts what values can
be entered, and thus frustrates the user less.

Guideline 10:
&quot;Provide sample entries, pull-downs and formatting hints to ensure clean

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I disagree. I find dropdowns for dates very annoying. Especially if the value I want is at the bottom. It's *much faster for me to just type it in myself.

I would use the fieldset option for this problem as a previous poster suggested.

Joelle Tegwen