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Re: Searching for "Creating Accessible PDFs...


From: Joe Clark
Date: Aug 11, 2004 12:05PM

Boy, this list is hard to read and use. Is WebAIM aware of how many
RFCs and standards its digests violate?

>I have put links to them on our website at
>www.xmlw.ie/aboutaccessibility/resources.htm where I am collecting
>resources on PDF accessibility.


>If anyone knows of resources on configuring and using Adobe InDesign
>to create accessible PDFs, can you let me know?

There's nothing to it. You enable eBook tags on PDF export. It
happens automagically.

You can expect high-quality results if you have well-threaded text
and graphics blocks. Not every layout lends itself to that kind of
threading (e.g., some magazine layouts), and I don't know a way to
add alt texts to graphics inside InDesign. In some cases, you'll need
a wee bit of cleanup in Acrobat. In unusual cases, you'll need
superhuman levels of cleanup.


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