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Re: How to Review JavaScript Results


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Aug 12, 2004 9:04AM

> Does anyone know of a tool that lets you view the source in a way that
> shows
> the *result* of any JavaScript that has transformed the page?
> As a simple example, suppose your page included:
> document.write('');
> If one simply uses their browser's View Source function, they will see the
> above script. What I would like to see is the literal result of the HTML.
> Why? Well the above script has multiple flaws, most notably the lack of an
> ALT attribute for the IMG tag.

There are several bookmarklets for that

Personally I use Mozilla for Javascript development and debugging, partly
because of the amazing web developer toolbar, that also shows the source
of a highlighted element (including DOM generated code), but also because
of venkman, the javascript debugger.



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