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Re: Accessibility setting- Legal obligation


From: tim.harshbarger@deque.com
Date: May 24, 2023 2:25PM

You probably ought to consult legal counsel about this--particularly with regards to the markets in which you operate.

The one thing I can tell you is that there are some very strong opinions about this in the disability community.

If you decide that this is legal to do and you go ahead with it, I would suggest asking users whether or not they want to opt in to share this kind of information.

There are some people with disabilities who are OK with sharing this information. There are others that are not. Unfortunately, the past history of this kind of approach has been problematic. Often in the past, it seems like people with disabilities give up this information but see no improvements regarding accessibility. Also, there can be a great reluctance for some people about disclosing their disabilities.

These are just some things to be aware of as you figure out what you will do and how you will do it.


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Happy hump day!

I have quick question regarding the accessibility settings on iOS. Is it ok to capture that data or do we have any legal obligation if we capture that data for our analysis to understand how many users are using - High contrast or enlarged text on iPhone.

Looking forward to learn more about this.


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