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Re: seeking Canadian information


From: Glenda
Date: Aug 20, 2004 4:34PM

Hi Derek,

Having conversed with an insider with the BC Gov't [perhaps he will join
this conversation ], it appears that the government isn't implementing its
own Internet Standards as rigorously as it could. So I guess my report and
recommendation wasn't as effective as I had anticipated, unfortunately.

I sincerely would like to find funding to research what IS happening on this
front in Canada. Surely some great things are happening, but no one knows
about it. I envision collecting such info and placing it on a website to
showcase what is happening and to encourage/prompt others to follow suit.

My revived interest in such project is because I'm currently developing a
web accessibility training course for non-profits and I would like to be
able to highlight what others are doing -- in order to create a sense of
need that they should jump in too.

Does anyone know whether there has been a Human Rights complaint filed yet?
Except for the ODA, I'm assuming the Human Rights Code is the only legal
recourse, no matter how feeble, that Canadians might have. I'd be happily
corrected, if that is not the case.

Soaring Eagle Communications

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glenda wrote:
> Any idea where other provincial governments are on this
> issue? When I wrote the report for the BC Government, I
> tried researching what other provinces were doing, but had no
> luck.

Hi Glenda -- we've been looking for similar
legislation/guidelines/recommendations for the provinces outside Ontario as
well. I think about 6 months ago John and I noted (between ourselves,
anyway) that BC was making progress on that front. We should have suspected
you were behind it in some way, shape or form! ;)

We had some discussions with some people from the Alberta government after
one of our conference presentations last year and it sounded like there was
little going on in Alberta (not to say there wasn't, but if there was
anything going on, it wasn't as high profile as the ODA or accessibility at
the national level). Lisa Snider may have some insight into what is going on
in the Atlantic provinces -- I think Lisa is on this list, but I can't
recall for certain...

I would guess that this means that there is either little happening in other
provinces, or it just isn't well publicized.

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