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Re: seeking Canadian information


From: The Snider's Web
Date: Aug 23, 2004 2:00PM

Hi Derek,

Just catching up :) Well the short answer is not much at present here in
the Maritimes. However, I am seeing more talk about it in the
newspaper-both Provincial and Municipal wise. I will be meeting with some
Provincial political types in the next couple of months, so I will let you
know if I find anything else out. I am hoping to try and make some progress
here :)



At 02:53 PM 8/20/2004 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Glenda -- we've been looking for similar
>legislation/guidelines/recommendations for the provinces outside Ontario as
>well. I think about 6 months ago John and I noted (between ourselves,
>anyway) that BC was making progress on that front. We should have suspected
>you were behind it in some way, shape or form! ;)
>We had some discussions with some people from the Alberta government after
>one of our conference presentations last year and it sounded like there was
>little going on in Alberta (not to say there wasn't, but if there was
>anything going on, it wasn't as high profile as the ODA or accessibility at
>the national level). Lisa Snider may have some insight into what is going on
>in the Atlantic provinces -- I think Lisa is on this list, but I can't
>recall for certain...
>I would guess that this means that there is either little happening in other
>provinces, or it just isn't well publicized.
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