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Re: seeking ideas for equivalent task


From: Mary Martinson Grossnickle
Date: Nov 17, 2004 2:44PM

>Glenda wrote:
> And, I know, I know the concept of "sensitivity exercises" has
> its flaws.

We often refer to these as "screening techniques." I'm glad to see that you
are careful not to call them "simulations," which is a term we want to
avoid. To read more about screening techniques, you might check out

> simply want to show students another perspective of surfing -- its not as
> simple as "point and click" for everyone.

You might make the point that users with mobility impairments, who cannot
use the mouse, must navigate with the keyboard in much the same way as a
person using a screenreader, e.g., using the tab key, page up, page down,
arrow keys to make selections from drop-down menus, etc. So some of your
exercises might resonate with a JAWS user just as they are.

Mary G.