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Re: What to ask Web designers?


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Nov 18, 2004 1:29PM

> What if they don't have web developers on staff?

Well, when you buy a used car, and if you're not a mechanic, who do you
trust? The used car salesman? Or do you talk to your own mechanic about the
car first?

I've seen so many companies buy 'web development services' and 'enterprise
software' and 'insert pretty much any IT solution here' that are complete
crap. Why? Because the people that have no business shopping for these types
of services are the ones making the decisions.

So, that's more of a gripe than an answer, but if they don't have any
web-skilled folks on staff, then they should be hiring someone like you to
help consult with them on their options. Convince them that the best
investment they can make is to put you on a retainer to work with them
through the entire vendor RFP and evaluation process.