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Re: What to ask Web designers?


From: julian.rickards@ndm.gov.on.ca
Date: Nov 18, 2004 1:39PM

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From: glenda [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]

Thanks for the chuckle, Jules. Good suggestion. Though what if they don't
have a webmaster on staff? Hence, that is why they are contracting out.
Hmm, is this another service I could provide -- being available for the
decision-making process??? Hmmm. Thanks for the idea!


Ps Hasn't your employer heard of "workplace accommodations"? You could use
a spell checker.

I had a spel chequer but I cant find it!!! I used to teach basic computer
skills in an adult high school and I would try to add humour whenever I
could. When teaching how to use a spell checker (and how not to depend on
it), I would read them a poem similar to
http://www.punctuationtips.com/englishumor.html and then, they would be
allowed to turn over their copy of the poem to see what I had read. This one
is not exactly like the one I had used but it is very similar.

On to your question:

Providing that service was part of what I was suggesting. As Darrel Austin
suggested, it is not uncommon in a vendor-client process to have people
purchasing services and not knowing what they should be asking for. I have
seen this in my workplace as well where a Request for Purchase document is
"mangled" by Purchasing Services because they don't understand what is
needed. In my interview, a webmaster from another gov't department was
brought in but it has occurred in my current workplace that consultants are
called in to assist in the selection of consultants - sounds rather
convoluted but it adds a degree of confidence in the selection process.