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Re: breadcrumb navigation


From: michael.brockington
Date: Nov 26, 2004 6:19AM

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> From: tim.beadle [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
> "michael.brockington" wrote on
> 26/11/2004 12:06:46:
> > No, no, no - you don't need to use images for structure!
> I wasn't suggesting that at all! If you actually read the
> article I linked
> to, you'll see that the image is in the CSS, and therefore
> quite separate
> from the structure of the page.

It doesn't look like you read the article yourself - the images are being
used to instead of the natural element borders, thus replacing a structural
element, ie the border. In that example this was probably justifiable to
create the required effect, but here what the author wants is a border -
replacing a border with an image is wrong. Wrong! Always!

> > All you need to do is nest your divs in such a way that the
> div with
> > the border contains the largest element, then it will automatically
> > size to
> your
> > content.
> Heh - that's easier said than done. You might have pages of varying
> lengths, possibly with content coming from a database or other data
> source. You can rarely guarantee that one column will always
> be longer
> than the other.

Again, in this case I don't see an issue - but perhaps we should leave that
up to the author to decide.


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