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Re: breadcrumb navigation


From: Stephanie Sullivan
Date: Nov 26, 2004 10:39AM

On 11/26/04 11:59 AM, "p.h.lauke" simply typed the following:

> Is the border a structural element, or is it the *visual*
> representation that delimits two separate structural elements
> which, in and of themselves, are clearly separated in the markup?
> I fail to see how a border on its own can be said to be structural...

I'm in agreement with you... A border is no more structural than a
background color is... It's decorative and whether it's created with an
actual border or a faux method, I don't think it's any big deal... As long
as it's implemented in the CSS.

I've had to come up with some VERY creative implementations at times...
Especially in sites with dynamic content where you can't be at all sure of
what kind of content will be in each area.

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