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Re: breadcrumb navigation


From: michael.brockington
Date: Nov 29, 2004 3:48AM

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> From: p.h.lauke [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
> Is the border a structural element, or is it the *visual*
> representation that delimits two separate structural elements
> which, in and of themselves, are clearly separated in the
> markup? I fail to see how a border on its own can be said to
> be structural...

If it wasn't structural we wouldn't be doing it.
Read any treatise on page design (for print) and you can't fail to notice
that it is accepted that whitespace, and more obviously black space, is as
important to the readability of a page as the layout of the text.
Are you possibly confusing the code structure with the visual structure of
the page? Perhaps I should have talked about layout, but then that is not the
correct term. One of the reasons that people often fail to go back to the
print design manuals is that Web designers insist on re-using print terms in
a different way, as with font != face.
This also takes me to Tim's response:

> That's a fair point but a corner case, albeit a growing one.
Ignoring things until they turn into a problem is not very clever - better to
get the standards worked out in advance.

> Of greater
> importance is the fact that most handheld web browsers
> incorrectly use the
> screen CSS media type, rather than the handheld one.

The reason that they do this is because the few people who use this feature
typically mis-use it, in ways like this.

> Content will probably need to be refactored for small-screen devices
> anyway, so I think it's a moot point.
Not if you stick to the standards, and avoid over-complicating things with
inappropriate gimmicks.

> Anyway, you can do
> clever things
> with resolution dependent layout:
> http://themaninblue.com/writing/perspective/2004/09/2>; 1/
I don't really think that this simplifies things in the long run, do you?



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