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Re: tables vs. layers


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Dec 1, 2004 2:08PM

> Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's to using tables / layers for
> designing the layout of a website?


pros: supported more consistently across browsers. fairly easy to get the
hang of.

cons: it ties the content to a specific page layout/presentation

css-p (what you call 'layers'--which is really an outdated term)

pros: allows the content to be rendered independant of any specific

cons: not as well supported (yet) in all browsers. Still need to know some
of the tricks/hacks to get it working.

In the end, it's good to know how to use both and when to use either one as
the need arrises.

In terms of accessibility, CSS-P's greatest advantage is that you can take
the exact same source code and present it to a variety of devices fairly
easily...visual browser, screen reader, PDA, etc.