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Re: accessible course software


From: Andrew Arch
Date: Dec 15, 2004 3:41AM


You should also have a look at the A-Tutor open source software from the
ATRC at the University of Toronto - http://www.atutor.ca/. There is also an
associated A-Chat and A-Collab.

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From: jongund [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Wednesday, 15 December 2004 3:58 AM
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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] accessible course software

You might try Angel from Cyber Learning Labs. They provide
alot of features useful to people with disabilities and are
very interested in making it more accessible. I talked with
them at Educause 2004 in Colorado and they were light years
ahead on accessibility than either Blackboard or WebCT. When
I talked to Blackboard and WebCT for more than a few minutes,
they would talk my name and have someone contact me who new
more about accessibility of their products. The CyberLearning
people all seemed to know about the accessibility features and
they are trying to do the right thing.

One big plus is they have a no-frames view.

More info on Angel:


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>Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 20:47:26 -0600
>From: "kircher"
>Subject: [WebAIM] accessible course software
>To: "WebAIM Discussion List"
> While taking a class this semester I found out that
> it is difficult to find a pre-made software that is
> accessible. What program would you recommend. Our
> university currently supports Blackboard and Web CT.
> The software needs to be user friendly for design
> beginners.
> Thank,
> Rachael
> Rachael Kircher
> Oklahoma State University

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