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Re: headings


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Feb 18, 2005 6:25AM

> Chris wrote:
>> If you see different pages in a site as a piece of paper, LINK
>> information
>> is the staples holding them together, or in your case, the headlines
>> you
>> print on each paper.
> I guess I need to work with it for more than just the half hour before
> starting regular duties. If I use LINK, I'm not seeing how a page
> beginning with an that says "Southside Streets" tells the user a
> previous page also said the is "Navigating American cities" and
> the is "Chicago". Including those at the top of the page, styled
> if you prefer, would clearly point out the hierarchy and could include
> .

For this document "Southside Streets" is the main headline , and should be
the H1. "Chicago" would be the "up" document.


Your approach is much like creating breadcrumbs via headlines, and that is
just not the idea of them. What if you had a navigation with 6 levels (Ok,
your Information Architecture would be abysmal for starters)?

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