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Re: headings


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Feb 18, 2005 7:07AM

> Chris wrote
>> For this document "Southside Streets" is the main headline , and
>> should be
>> the H1. "Chicago" would be the "up" document.
> Changing the hierarchical structure of the content makes no sense to
> me. Sorry, I have to disagree.

Apples and Pears. The structure of a web site is not the structure of a
web page. The structure of the site is defined in the sitemap and
replicated in the main navigation and, if wanted, LINK relationships. The
structure of the document is defined in the headlines H1 to H6 and
internal navigation to anchors.

One problem is that strictly from and XML point of view, headlines are
horrible elements as they don't encapsulate the content that is connected
to them A with a properly nested would make more sense.

> michael.brockington wrote:
>> But in HTML (which is what counts) you cannot just repeat a heading in
>> small
>> type.
>> Either you repeat your H1, H2 headings, but add styling to make them
>> small,
>> or you give them some other semantic markup.
> Yes you can repeat them in small type using style on the heading tags.
> That's exactly what I'm suggesting.

Bananas and Kiwis - Structure vs. Presentation. Applying that logic would
make a a valid headline construct.

Chris Heilmann
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