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Re: 10.5 Separate adjacent links


From: Glenda
Date: Mar 21, 2005 12:48PM

Thanks Patrick,

So for http://www.eaglecom.bc.ca, it is best to redo the top navigation bar
using css? I'm sensing the technique to satisfy this guideline has
changeder since the use of css has become more prevalent. Am I wrong here?


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glenda wrote:
> I thought one reason for providing the non-linked, printable characters
> between adjacent links was to provide a visual cue to help people with
> cognitive disabilities to identify the break between links. Using the
> without the bullets wouldn't provide the visual cue.

The guideline has mostly been a technically motivated one. It was set
out to compensate for faulty assistive technology (screenreaders,
braille interfaces, etc) which would not clearly distinguish between
adjacent links (as far as I remember, one main culprit was an old
screenreader in combination Netscape 4, which would simply read
everything out as one, long link).

As for visual cues...that's what CSS is for. Yes, remove the bullet, but
add a left/right border and you have exactly the same visual effect (and
far greater control over it, for that matter).

Patrick H. Lauke