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Re: 10.5 Separate adjacent links


From: Terence de Giere
Date: Mar 22, 2005 12:08PM


I used a white vertical bar to separate the adjacent links in the top
navigation bar. Is this not adequate? Bobby is spitting it out, saying
repairs are needed. Is this another example of how automated checkers
should not be relied upon as the gospel?....

My experience with Bobby 5.0 has been if there are additional HTML
elements between the links surrounding a printable character, Bobby
thinks the character is not there. I got errors on a site I worked on
where I had inserted a span element around a vertical bar, with CSS
instructions to match the background color. Bobby reported an error;
when I removed the span elements, it passed. I sent samples to
Watchfire with an explanation of what was happening shortly after Bobby
5.0 came out. Bobby 4.01 (the Java version), slightly revised by
Watchfire, did all right with this scenario. I haven't tried the on line
version with this.

Terence de Giere