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Re: Netscape and alt tags


From: Mark Newhouse
Date: Dec 17, 2001 3:34PM

on 12/17/01 1:46 PM, Susan Bale at <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:

> Thanks for your good information on Alt vs Title tags. However, when
> I set Netscape 6.2 not to load images, the alt tags still do not
> appear. There is a blank space where each graphic should be - no
> indication of a graphic at all. Mousing over the space doesn't show
> anything either.

This is a bug that Mozilla is aware of. Unfortunately it has been around
awhile, and does not have a firm target milestone for resolution.

See <http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62046>; for more information
(not the easiest site to trudge through...).


- --Mark Newhouse
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