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Re: 10.5 Separate adjacent links


From: Terence de Giere
Date: Mar 26, 2005 10:49AM

Norman Robinson at USPS wrote:

Glenda/Terence -

Could you post an example of said web page? Do you have a "template" you
would care to share?...

The performance of Bobby 5.0 with adjacent links and the Priority 3 WCAG
10.5 guideline is inconsistent, and its inconsistencies are more complex
than I initially discovered. The following test page can be used for the
test. I would say this is a bug. Both certain elements inside
surrounding link text and the element around a printing character
separator generate an error with my version of Bobby 5.0. Bobby 4.01
passes this page on the automated part of a Priority 3 test, as does the
Bobby WorldWide online test on the Watchfire web site. Watchfire does
not seem to have provided any patches for version 5.0 since its release,
which is a shame because small companies, schools etc., might not be
able to afford Watchfire's more extensive corporate testing software
applications that include accessibility modules.

The results of this short test indicate it might be possible to visually
mask the separators using elements other than with CSS, and then
pass the Bobby 5.0 test. But note that other arrangements of the code
also trigger the error even if is missing.


Terenc de Giere