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Re: Flashy dilemma


From: Chris Price
Date: Apr 12, 2005 5:22PM

On 12/4/05 11:33 pm, "Glenda" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>> I am in the midst of conducting a Web accessibility audit for
>> www.neilsquire.ca (finally). I haven't worked with Flash before. Is there
>> any way to make the revolving series of pictures more accessible (and less
>> annoying)? Personally I would like to suggest a series of static images
>> instead, but that may simply be personal taste.

Those scrolling images are totally distracting and counter productive and do
not communicate the message of the site. I would certainly go for images
that stay where they are and any animation should cease a few seconds after
the site has loaded.

The Flash movie doesn't appear to be functional so I don't see an
accessibility issue as long as the message is reflected in the text.

Personally, I think unless the Flash content can be employed more
imaginatively the site would be better off without it.

-- Chris Price Choctaw <EMAIL REMOVED> http://www.choctaw.co.uk