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Re: Flashy dilemma


From: Chris Price
Date: Apr 14, 2005 4:57PM

On 14/4/05 6:51 pm, "Glenda" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>> Does this nausea-inducing animation also fail in that it has no text
>> equivalent?
>> Glenda

I think there are 2 issues here.

1. If I use images as a substitute for text, such as with buttons, then a
text equivalent is essential. If I am using an image to reinforce a message
then maybe I don't need a text equivalent because it would just be
repetition. But an empty alt attribute is required so the image can be

2. The animation here doesn't follow the flow of information. It is where it
is for the benefit of those who can see it. If an explanation is required,
of who the people are in the animation, then I would like to read it as well
and I would like that information to be static because moving information is
difficult to assimilate.

A page fails on accessibility if the information is inaccessible. If, at any
point, there is no relevant information then access is not necessary.

It may sound strange but I think its like having an alternate menu for
vegans. If breakfast is bacon, sausages and egg, the vegan equivalent
doesn't need to look, smell or taste similar or have the same number of
items, but with no animal content. It just needs to be as tasty, nutritious
and filling (and probably healthier).

-- Chris Price Choctaw <EMAIL REMOVED> http://www.choctaw.co.uk