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Re: Could anybody help, advice me on this?


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Apr 20, 2005 3:47PM

Responses in JRG:

>>>> 1. What are the features you can do in flash, that you cannot
>>>> do in accessible HTML?
>>Exactly the crux of the argument. If this tool does something

like show

>>the top level links only, and then lets the user visually

drill down

>>into the site until they reach the individual pages, this

could well be

>>replicated in HTML with javascript assistance and as a final


>>step in a forms-based set of dialogs, with multiple calls

back to the


JRG: It seems like this could be done with CSS and some failry
fairly simple javascript.

It also sounds what you would like is some type of search
function. Again why not use GOOGLE to index html pages?

>>>> 2. The use of FLASH is also limits interoperability. For
>>>> example how do plan to support users with different graphical
>>>> screen resolutions?
>>This, however, seems to be a non issue: Flash's vector content
>>(including text) can be scaled seamlessly. As long as the

pop-up that

>>contains it still lets the user resize, then the Flash movie

can be made

>>to fit.

JRG: Some more questions about flash:

1. Is the resizing only to fit the size of the current
graphical window in FLASH or can the user say they want bigger
text in the current size window?

2. Can users restyle the foreground and background colors of
the text rendering in FLASH?


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