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Re: Could anybody help, advice me on this?


From: Kevin H. Spruill
Date: Apr 21, 2005 8:50AM

>1. What are the features you can do in flash, that you cannot
>do in accessible HTML?

>2. The use of FLASH is also limits interoperability. For
>example how do plan to support users with different graphical
>screen resolutions?


Excellent first point - it's always one of the first questions I ask when I'm asked if something can be done in flash and be accessible. The second point though is relatively easy to address simply by using a "fluid layout" in your flash movie... giving it a 100% size versus static HxW dimensions - the movie and content can be resized to fit whatever display size the user prefers.

There are much bigger issues with interoperability however... not all users will have access to the latest versions of JAWS or Window-Eyes - and even they have limited, though vastly improved performance with Flash movies. There are some "tips and tricks" involved in making flash movies accessible that even today, I find most developers unaware of... what parent and/or child objects within the movie to "make accessible", what parts of embedded movies to "make accessible" (make accessible is in quotes because I'm referring to the symbol/object properties in the flash movie), etc.

Flash can be made accessible... but it requires preparation and thought prior to actual creation, and adequate testing throughout the development life-cycle. Unfortunately, that doesn't occur as much as is needed - leading to alot of follow on work to remediate the movie.
Kevin H. Spruill AWA/CNTR/FAA
FAA Section 508 Technical Support