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RE: Microsoft Word question


From: Kevin H. Spruill
Date: Apr 21, 2005 8:39AM

The WebAim site has a very good tutorial on making accessible word documents. Look under "Tips and Techniques". One of the best parts that I've found, and constantly drill into students heads during training and awareness sessions is the need to create a properly structured document (using styles and formatting vs. character/font formatting). You'd be amazed... then again maybe not, at the number of content developers who don't know how to properly use word.

From my experience... when dealing with clients or vendors - since I'm working with and/or for the Federal govt., compliance with Section 508 is understood - and the clients/vendors will take the necessary steps (with a guidance, or a helpful push towards resources such as http://www.section508.gov) to address the issues. When dealing with clients - part of the job as it were is in educating them, whether it's selling them on the ROI inherent in Accessibility/Usability or in just what Accessibility means and entails. That's just the way it is.
Kevin H. Spruill AWA/CNTR/FAA
FAA Section 508 Technical Support