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Re: Re: flash


From: Kevin H. Spruill
Date: Apr 21, 2005 12:09PM

>But it is up to the author to create these style controls and
>to write the code to inact the changes, right?

>The flash player can only change text rendering to high
>contrast (white on black) if the author included this function
>within their code, it is not an inherit feature of FLASH that
>can be applied to any random flash movie.

Jon, while there are a variety of ways to accomplish contrast change... the answer is yes - currently this is something that the developer would have to code into the flash movie... you can't just change the interface contrast as you can in some browsers. Though, I vaguely recall this popping up as a discussed enhancement for future players awhile back. Hard to say where that may be or may go with Adobe's recent purchase of Macromedia.

This is another reason why alternate formats of the content are almost always advisable.

Kevin H. Spruill AWA/CNTR/FAA
FAA Section 508 Technical Support