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RE: Netscape and screen readers


From: Jim Allan
Date: Apr 28, 2005 10:08AM

Screen readers for Windows work with IE. They use either the IE document object model (DOM) or Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) to navigate a page. As Netscape has neither of these, screen readers cannot automatically navigate the page, nor get a list of headings, nor use a host of other tools provided by the screen reader. Screen reader users do not use Netscape, because screen readers don't work with it. There may be movement in the screen reader field to begin work on working with the mozilla family of browsers...though a quick check of the JAWS and GWMicro sites shows no evidence of this. One hopes and hears rumors.

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Subject: [WebAIM] Netscape and screen readers

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Im using Dreamweaver to create some pages and testing their accessibility by screen readers using a demo copy of WindowEyes. When previewing the pages in I.E., it works well: the screen reader reads the text through, including the alt text. In Netscape however, it doesnt read anything past the name of the document without manually using the arrow key or mouse. In addition, none of the alt text is picked up.

Perhaps this is a clue?: Looking at my pages on the screen (with or without using WindowEyes), the alt text is not visible on mouse-over in Netscape, although it is in I.E..