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RE: State names - use abbreviations or spell out?


From: Randy Pearson
Date: Apr 29, 2005 9:12AM

Returning to the original question, my (novice) understanding was that the
aural style

speak: spell-out;

could be used to assist in this situation to advise screen readers *not* to
"just say vah" below. This seems to make sense; however I don't know if the
modern crop of readers honor that CSS2 rule.

<acronym style="speak: spell-out;" title="Virginia">VA</acronym>

-- Randy

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>> Subject: [WebAIM] State names - use abbreviations or spell out?
>> Hi there,
>> When I place the following code in my page [<abbr>VA</abbr>]
>> HomePageReader reads it as "vah"
>> That leads me to believe I should write it "Virginia"
>> Is there a standard? Would JAWS read it differently, for example?
>> Thanks very much for any comments.
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