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RE: The Commercialization of Web Accessibility


From: Kynn Bartlett
Date: Dec 19, 2001 10:59AM

At 7:27 AM -0800 12/19/01, Cohen, Lisa A. wrote:
>Just wanted to pass along some thoughts on the effects of Section
>508 on the marketplace... I attended a conference on "legal and
>procurement issues of Section 508". One of the effects of this rule
>for federal government procurement is that the government is now
>required to purchase the most compliant Electronic and Information
>Technology product, regardless of greater cost. This should have a
>huge effect on the marketplace.

I should probably mention here that I believe this is the silliest provision
of 508 and is non-sensical to the point where this could be used as a
reason to get 508 trashed entirely.

By making accessibility the only criteria (not features, not cost, nothing
else), you only do harm.

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