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Re: CSS files unpredictable


From: HAA
Date: May 27, 2005 2:03AM

Try this one: http://www.newchaletclub.co.uk/0/index.htm (it worked for me
just now).

I've not nested most of my layout <div>s, at this point I get more confused
with working out which </div> is connected to which <div> so essentially
the site is one column anyway. I use 800x600 anyway (on a 19 inch monitor
but it wont let me size down to 640x480) and one of *my* personal peeves is
when I find a site that was designed for a minimum of 1024x768! I hate
having to scroll left, so I try to avoid doing that on my sites, with
varying sucess I suspect.

At 02:35 27/05/2005, you wrote:

>HAA < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>I am having problems with the formatting display produced by css files...
>The URL you provided
>www.newchaletclub.co.uk/TESTZONE/alternate is in a restricted directory -
>we can't look at it.
>Error message: 403 Forbidden; You don't have permission to access
>/TESTZONE/alternate/ on this server.
>CSS will bunch up, especially with reflowing designs, particularly if you
>use floats to wrap text around pictures or other elements. You may need to
>apply clear:left or clear:right or clear:both properties to elements that
>you do not want to wrap around floated elements. Also, for example, if a
>page is very narrow, text can overlap other elements. This can be handled
>in various ways by using the overflow property. There is a limit to how
>much you can change the window size and still have a readable page,
>depending on the design. CSS does not always completely constrain the
>content of an element within a given space like a table cell does. You
>have to get used to that behavior and design around it. With most computer
>monitors at 800x600 or larger, a page should look good at this size and
>larger, but still be readable at 640x480. Although CSS cannot exactly
>replicate what one can do with tables, it is really more powerful overall.
>You can also provide alternate stylesheets, for those devices and browsers
>that support them, for example, a one-column design that works well for
>greatly enlarging fonts or for a small device like a PDA.
>Terence de Giere
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