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Re: CSS files unpredictable


From: Terence de Giere
Date: May 26, 2005 7:34PM

HAA < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
I am having problems with the formatting display produced by css files...

The URL you provided
www.newchaletclub.co.uk/TESTZONE/alternate is in a restricted directory
- we can't look at it.
Error message: 403 Forbidden; You don't have permission to access
/TESTZONE/alternate/ on this server.

CSS will bunch up, especially with reflowing designs, particularly if
you use floats to wrap text around pictures or other elements. You may
need to apply clear:left or clear:right or clear:both properties to
elements that you do not want to wrap around floated elements. Also, for
example, if a page is very narrow, text can overlap other elements. This
can be handled in various ways by using the overflow property. There is
a limit to how much you can change the window size and still have a
readable page, depending on the design. CSS does not always completely
constrain the content of an element within a given space like a table
cell does. You have to get used to that behavior and design around it.
With most computer monitors at 800x600 or larger, a page should look
good at this size and larger, but still be readable at 640x480. Although
CSS cannot exactly replicate what one can do with tables, it is really
more powerful overall. You can also provide alternate stylesheets, for
those devices and browsers that support them, for example, a one-column
design that works well for greatly enlarging fonts or for a small device
like a PDA.

Terence de Giere