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CSS files unpredictable


From: HAA
Date: May 26, 2005 8:37AM

I am having problems with the formatting display produced by css files.

One moment it is working and showing the layout I want, then the next
moment they have 'bunched up' the layout. Why? Is it just my computer? I've
tried the same file in IE5, Firefox, Opera. and Netscape 7, and it is
exactly the same faulty display...

I know that if I open the file tomorrow it will be fine! What is worrying
me is if the display is unpredictible on my pc, will it be unstable online too?

I'm putting the pages I have converted online at
www.newchaletclub.co.uk/TESTZONE/alternate in case anyone cares to have a
look, but only the following stumps are css-ed: [ Club Information ], [
Elinor Brent-Dyer ], [ Guest book and Games ] and [ Publications ]. The
rest is still tables. The css format is replicating the visual format of
the tables, or it should be!