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Re: Long form legends


From: Thomas Jedenfelt
Date: Jun 1, 2005 8:35AM

Hello Joelle,

I have two suggestions:

1) Use control type TEXT in place of RADIO BUTTONS, and do not use FIELDSET / LEGEND.

2) The option to copy and paste the form questions into an E-mail program, by way of a linking to a text page from the form Web page.
(I do not know if this is practical, just a thought.)

Regarding suggestion 1.

According to the AFB Web site (American Foundation for the Blind), FIELDSET and RADIO BUTTONS, are not consistently supported by user agents. (See below quotes.)

(I do not know if your users are affected by this. Also, I do not know when this AFB page was updated.)


Fieldset approach is not supported by all forms and versions of assistive technology.

Radio buttons are not supported consistently by all versions of browsers, screen readers, and combinations.

EXAMPLE of suggestion 1.
(I do not know if below technique may be useful in practice.)

You would control the layout by the selectors P and LABEL, and not FIELDSET / LEGEND (which I understand caused some trouble.)

I have edited the text of the labels.

Will you be doing things out in the community, and if so, do you need assistance with arranging transportation?
<input type="text" value="Enter Yes or No">

Could I get a ride with someone who is already involved in the organization?
<input type="text" value="Enter Yes or No">

Give name of the persons who could help you find a ride?
<input type="text" value="Enter names">

Do you need extra time to complete some activities and assignments?
<input type="text" value="Enter Yes or No">

What kind of support would you need from someone while you are actually on-site volunteering or doing community service?
<input type="text" value="text">

Thomas Jedenfelt

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